What is "the Lord's Prayer," anyway?

That which we call "The Lord’s Prayer" was the Son-of-God replacement for then prescribed three-daily prayers recited facing Solomon's Temple in Jerusalem—ritually prescribed much as Islamists now recite their five-daily prayers toward Mecca (to be better than us)—with words that he felt were more personal.

When asked by proselytes how we should pray, referencing the then rote of daily prayers, the Son-of-God simply changed the words from the abstract to the personally substantive, as in; 'please provide for me' and 'forgive me,' and 'help me get through this existence for I know you are God.'

It smacked of familiarity, of the same reliance which lets you know what to expect from a trusted child, parent, spouse or teammate; and if not, allows you ask without trepidation and in expectation of an honest reply.

It turns out that God is like any parent who would rather receive heartfelt appreciation than the formality of prescribed attention, especially when mandated by pseudo-authority.

Yet, why do we still pray according to religious law? Why do we assemble in formal wear to talk to God in formal gatherings, and why do we repeat phrases that the Son-of-God warned us to not perform "as the heathen do?" (Matthew 6:7).

It’s not good to recite prayers as it's the familiar relationship that God would rather have with us, where we are not to "pray" to Him in the abstract, but walk and talk with Him in the substantive. As if He were a real person; which He is.

And as the observer must always remind -- we are to go to no one but the real, actual God  -- and not a statue, prayer-card or beads. Accept no substitutes.

Remember that the real Son-of-God admonished us as not even to pray (petition) he, but to the One who sent him. The one and only God. Not to saints, not to Mary, not to the Son-of-God, especially not to "Jesus,” and not to any so-called Christian representatives, but only to the real, actual GOD – Himself alone.