What is Prayer, really?

"Common people do not pray; they only beg” 
— George Bernard Shaw 

OK, we all say that we pray to God – that is, to reach out and speak to Him for cause -- but in reality, to what entity are you 'praying' and why? 

There is God the ultimate Great Spirit—to whom we are all indebted—but there are also a number of little godlets otherwise known as devils and demons who want, and usually get, you to pray to them by proxy. So let's break this down. 

When you pray, is your prayer for something selfish like riches or a better situation? Do you need to meet the rent -- again? Are you sick again, as always? Are you desperate for someone to submit to your sex? Prayer, to pray, originally meant to supplicate or to make petition, to beg, to reach out to a higher authority for help. Prisoners "pray" to governing boards for clemency; buffoons "pray" for riches. Why?

The Christian church wrongly apples the word "Pray" as an with God that benefits both of you. But, do you actually know and partner with God or are you just pretending to do so, so He'll magically straighten out your miserable life? 

I mean, how many of us communicate to our spouses, kids or bosses at work so well that all is handled evenly? Are you cold and angry when dealing with others? Sure that no one understands you to the point of yelling at or about them instead? Always complaining to God that your life isn't as good as others seem to be.

Kvetching isn't prayer. Prayer, as it turns-out, is a one-way form of formalized begging, and we who know God know He doesn't need us to formally beg Him, for God knows and values us and sees every intricate detail and every need of our lives, even to our naked ugly selves and our wanton ways. 

Happy to be the hand-strap on the bumpy stand-up ride of life, God is the good parent alwayswanting to guide us through this world, and always here to make it better. 

But we are not to exasperate His guidance. While God watches us and keeps us from harm, if we continue running toward the harm then God will let us be harmed, only to fix the problem in a way so that we learn from it. As He did with King David. 

Therefore "prayer," for our kind is not petition but the voicing of a decision in partnership with God's beneficence, much in the same way a child voices a want to a parent. 

The lessions

During the observer’s time of learning, he was once on staff of a TV preacher who, although personally wealthy himself, regularly denied workers their deserved paychecks by selfishly expecting slavish devotion to himself.

The observer and another agreed in prayer that they would start receiving regular paychecks, but lo and behold a guy outside-their-loop immediately did instead, showing both that devils often answer earnest prayer in sarcastic, reverse fashion just to mess with the faithful.

It sure taught the observer that from having assumed God to be the recipient of all prayer, it consternated him that millions of lesser avatar godlets—known as devils and demons—all want godhood over us by getting us to pray to them by proxy.

Toward that end they've devised repetitious ritualistic words which the Son-of-God has told us to not recite. Yet we do it anyway, turning "prayer" from a sober, personal thing into self-righteous ritual.

As such, none of it goes to God but stays right here, for mocking by earth-bound fallen spirits.