Why and to whom do you pray?

We of the partnership with God do not actually "Pray." We walk and talk to Him constantly. He knows us and supplies our needs,even when we don't know them.

So please be realistic about the spirit world, and check your life by asking—
  • Is your God vengeful and wrathful? 
Then you’re dealing not with the genuine article but a poser.
  • Are there voices in your head? 
You're trafficking with a fallen entity.
  • Are you awakened in the middle of the night to "pray" for someone or something? 
God does not disturb sleep nor boss anyone around. He made people to require sleep and He doesn't interrupt it with demands of their doing "important things" for Him. Only slaveholders treat chattel like that.
  • Do you belong to an organization that proxies God in return for money and/or fealty? 
God has not ordained it. You're in a cult, and maybe a big one.
  • Do you overthink your so-called sins, break down in confession, feel guilty about your life and make deals with some unseen superior being? 
Then you do not have God. The actual God is above and outside that... God guides but He doesn't command or make deals.
  • Do you use grandiose names and/or titles for God? 
Again it's not God to whom you refer, as He has no name and is not impressed with your flattery.
  • Do you perceive results to your prayer only to have to pray again and again for the same result? Does doing that make you feel powerful? 
Then you're soliciting magic with a blasphemous fallen angel masquerading as God -- trafficking with a poser.

Stop doing it. That's all.