Why Son-of-God was born a Jew

The study culminating these notes has evidenced that God does his best through Jews not because they’re the finest the world has to offer, but by reason that they’re the worst of the world. Many times have other tribes attempted to eradicate Hebrews, but it is obvious that no one can, because God is showing His best through them.

So by doing this just to prove Himself, God had His chief angel birthed into a human body and raised as a Jew just to prove that His ways usually supplant popular expectations to the contrary.

And since the first angel was not a fallen, exiled, angel, he retained all his heavenly abilities in order to demonstrate to earthlings that God would redeem those who had repented of leaving heaven in the first place. In this way, the first angel became the deliverer sent to redeem those that wanted to return to Heaven.

Having prepared a virginal girl for the chore, God had His Chief Angel firstborn to the young woman on the April 17th of our modern calendar, in 6 BC. The infant was named Joshua (Yeshua), for his mother's line of forebears as was custom (not given the popular non-Semitic name of "Jesus")  The young mother then went on to have other children, thus fulfilling the crowning glory for women of her time.

Traditionally called Mary, or Meeryahm in Hebrew, we must acknowledge that the woman's name is probably as much an appellation as was 'Adam and Eve' and their conceptual 'apple.'  It unfortunately turns out that the name Maryam is actually that of a chief demon.

Yet we continue to call the Son-of-God's mother Mary by virtue of it being traditional.

Also, despite many celebration religion out of Joshua's Virgin birth, even to elevating Mary as the Immaculate Conception deserving of mankind's worship, Joshua's was not the first virgin birth in history. An earlier Jewish virgin birth resulted in a man known as Emmanuel, but that has been twisted to indicate another name for Yeshua. 

However, by his having been a Jew, we can now better understand the Menorah and why the touted Turin Shroud could not have cloaked him -- also why he was born and died around Passover plus that the name "Jesus" is NOT Jewish but Gentile. 

These and many other examples are resolved in this series.